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My name is Greg Mitchum. I am a Professional photographer that resides in San Marcos, Texas.  I started in photography as a joke, but quickly found passion and a love for the art. I love seeing the vision and possibility of what images I can capture. Beside images that your used to seeing, I like to push the art and see what I can achieve with a camera.

Greg And WifeGreg And WifeGreg with his wife Stacey I married my wife Stacey Mitchum in 1997 and have watch my two great kids grow up. In that time,I have learn to develop an eye of emotional connection through image story telling. I  am not a professional photographer that just click a camera shutter, but in fact looks for the connection of the scene.  That take my life experience
Goovy GregGoovy GregGreg Mitchum Photography always having fun! I take every photography session serious, however we are going to have fun doing it. I travel from Austin to San Antonio and beyond to capture your moment. While I am capturing that moment it is my job to provide a relaxing environment for client for each photography session. I take away the pressure of being in front of the camera!

However, as a photographer, I believe that the best images reflect the emotion of the moment and the energy of the environment. My job is not just to provide great images, but to provide images that create an everlasting impression. I do this by connecting with the clients on a personal level to bring out their hopes and personal story!

Greg Mitchum is a member of the Professional Photographers of America