Bride In The Water

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This was a really fun shoot. As a photographer located in San Marcos Texas, I look to do photo sessions that are fun, exciting, and creative. However, even though you start out in one direction you end in another.


This shot started out as a wedding portfolio building shoot. And moved to a completely different style which worked out great.


I found a model on the Face book group page of the Austin Model and Photographers. To me, I find that this is my way of looking to build on my shots while finding new talents. Of course this has perks and regrets at the same time. We will talk about that in another page.

Wedding Photography Photographer BridalWedding Photography Photographer BridalGreg Mitchum photography is a freelance photographer that captures emotion within it's images. When looking for a photographer, makes sure you have one that meets the needs of your vision. I specialize in wedding, boudoir, commercial, fashion, ect.


So Derenda answered the call for my shoot. After a couple chats on the phone, we had the date, time make-up and hairs stylist all organized. The dress I lucked out and got from a friend that used to own a bridal shop. She arrived at my house and we discussed the day and location that we would be getting the shots. Of course, this is also the time I start cracking jokes and adding strange situational shoots. This always lighten the shoot up and gets a new model and I comfortable with each other. If they can take a bad joke, we can get along real well.

(As a photographer, I am always processing possibilities shot ideas in my head, but for my name they are always tasteful. I also never will act unprofessional as a photographer.)

So after all the styling is done, we head to the San Marcos River to a location that I always love to shoot at. It has a old building a water fountain and a bright wife gazebo. We work through these location building on emotions during each shot. Trying to get the right emotion can sometimes be very tricky, even hard. But Derenda brought just what I was hoping for, an attitude with spice.


Wedding Photography Photographer BridalWedding Photography Photographer BridalGreg Mitchum photography is a freelance photographer that captures emotion within it's images. When looking for a photographer, makes sure you have one that meets the needs of your vision. I specialize in wedding, boudoir, commercial, fashion, ect.

The great thing about this location is that it also has a railroad only 50 feet away as well.  As a photographer having a great location is a bonus. Having a location that provides so may opportunity is heaven.


I took Derenda to the railroad and got multiply shots, while always looking back and forth for trains. What do you know, a train was approaching. On my shoots I express safety at all times, even on this one. The train was moving very slowing which game me time to grab change out gear so that I could run a long exposure.


Wedding Photography Photographer BridalWedding Photography Photographer BridalBride deciding on her new adventure in this telling professional photography session with Greg Mitchum Photography

I told Derenda that I needed her to stay on one place while looking away from the camera. I wanted to make the Training appeared to be flying pass so long exposure was needed. However, with the idea of having such contrast with the background and foreground with the dress being white, Derenda could not stand frozen still nor could the dress so I had to stop down the speed enough to get a real emotional effect. I think that the image above speaks a lot as far as art in photography.


After getting these photography shots, I had one last crazy idea. Lets walk around the corner of the park and get into the river. It was funny, cause the make-up artist was a little concerned about the hold up, but at this point I did not care and was looking for some fun. Of course would Derenda go for it. Of course, Models also like to do wild things as well. So into the water we went. And no I did not have a special cover for my camera. And yes I was up to my chest in the currents of the San Marcos River.

Seductive PhotographySeductive PhotographyGreg Mitchum is a freelance Photographer that takes photography images which includes wedding, Events, Ceremony, Commercials, Business and so on..

At first we stayed towards the side of the banks or the river to get controlled shots, so that I would have a footing. With her piercing eyes and making sure the light was in the right position. I had Derenda go under the water and slowly come up. The shot above was perfect in what I was going for. A seductive photography shot, with the eyes doing all the communication.  Next, I wanted to get a flowing dress shot in the water. This was hard to get. However with a lot of strength and a few tries, the moment was captured.


Me and Derenda moved towards the middle of the river. First I went so that I could get my footing. The current was pushing hard against me and I was using all my leg strength to drive my feet into the ground. I was at chest level in the water. Derenda the came out to meet me. I asked her to allow the dress to move with the current. This was easier said than done. Since I wanted her floating, Just as soon as she lifted her legs to float, the current took her away and the dress was quickly coming past her waist. So I knew I was in for a workout. I decided that the best option was to hold on to her hand and spin her into position. A workout is an understatement. I was using everything I had to hold Derenda and trying to keep her from floating away all the while keeping my footing and floating away. But lastly keeping my camera from getting wet. After a few spins and aching muscles I continued to click mu camera. Spinning, holding, twisting and clicking several tries. From the image below you might not have gotten the struggle.

Realism PhotographyLady in the WaterWedding Bride doing a creative Photography Session with Greg Mitchum Photography

I call this shot, Bide in the water. As a photographer, I am always on the look out for possibilities. Even with the struggles of the current this shot seems peaceful and calm. I guys you can say the same thing in life. Getting what you want or making something so great take hard work regardless if it is a photograph or marriage. (Shit just got real) not.....  


I know one thing, being a professional photographer for me is more that just clicking a shutter. It more that just about the moment. For me being a professional photographer is about the process of capturing a meaning and the adventure leading to and the memories afterwards. A professional photographer to me in my own thoughts is not one that just get paid for doing what anyone else can do. A process that works every time, but in fact goes outside their comfort zone to push the envelope. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. But we are going to have fun doing it. Anything else is just a cookie cutter..


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