"Your pets are apart of your family!"


Pets, our furry friends are a major part of our families.  

      Greg Mitchum is here to make those families members be captured, showing their characteristics and personalities.



Greg Mitchum can provide the best pet portrait session for your needs.



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Pet Portrait Session Pricing


Pet Photography Portrait Session    $279  5 - edited images 

  • Time limit is based on best opportunity to capture (goal is to have at least 25 images) FAQ
  • All packages get all photography images from shoot (non- edited)
  • Each photography image that you pick from package will be retouched and edited for detail and color vibrance 

$45 for each image after package




Looking for printed copies, let Greg Mitchum Photography know!

There is a $15 processing and storage fee added to all orders. Your images will be available to you anytime.


With each image, user right are given regardless for Personal or Business needs.

Also receive low-res photography image, and social media photography image of your favorite

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Non-refundable deposit required for booking

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