"Your images is important to your business and achievements!"


Headshots are a major part for business personal and personal achievement. They showcase an image that  can reach out to others.

      A great headshot promotes professionalism in the field you want to market yourself.

      Greg Mitchum specializes in creating headshots branding images for everyone from professionals and business owners, to college graduates.

      Whether you have a company specification or need to set your self out from the competition.

Greg Mitchum can provide the best headshots for your needs.

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Headshots Pricing

Quick Head shot Session          - $99   -10 minutes studio session, 1 look, 1 high resolution images

Basic Head shot Session           - $199 -45 minutes studio session, 2 looks, 4 high resolution images

Standard Head shot Session - $299 - 90 minutes studio session, 4 looks, 6 high resolution images 


Location shots Upgrade - $75

Custom Retouching

$45 for each image after package 


Have an event and need Headshots taken!

$99 per person  5  + , Includes 1 Hi-res edited image per person

$75 per person 10 + , Includes 1 Hi-res edited image per person


With each image uses right are given regardless for Personal or Business needs. Also receive low-res headshot, and social media headshot

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