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Photography week in review

March 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

    Taking portrait photography, family portrait sessions, or landscape images can seem redundant as a photographer in a business that does the same images over and over. However, as a photographer that does portraits in many situations, I find myself always looking to push the scene. Playing with lights and trying to capture the new masterpiece. For the most part when you do make the new reach most looking at your images with be impress. But that impressed image that you create hardly if ever pays for it self or your time. So what you have to do is keep in mind, as a professional photographer, you must keep in mind that creating an image is as simple as making a fun environment, being relaxed in the images that you take, but most of all, making your clients happy is always my main goal.


     So this weeks main image is come from a business man located in San Marcos Texas. Needing a new business headshot was the main key to the image, however his fun friendly demeanor needed to be pointed out. After a great portrait shoot in my studio, he picked out his favorites and another happy client downloaded his images once edited.

Commercial HeadshotCommercial Headshot


       The other main week review that I am really enjoying, is taking images for the local animal shelter. These images are being taken as part of a portrait pet photography session where I hope to get images that showcase the animals in a fun environment, with some great props, but most importantly, helping them find a new home. Please enjoy this week pet portrait session.



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