Greg Mitchum Photography | Week in review- 03/04/2018

Week in review- 03/04/2018

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A professional photographer has many ways to showcase their works. Portfolios, studios and art galleries, but most shots are never seen or explained. You may only see one piece out of hundred photography shots just to showcase the very best. However, the very best is usually only secured by the photographer themselves. Customers, regardless of models, business professionals or products all have their favorites that should be accounted for also.

My blog is to showcase those favorites, as well as what I was thinking while capturing the shot. 


Needing a break with some landscape photography.
Landscape photography located in San Marcos

     I am part of a photography group located in San Marcos Texas. With in this group photographers can post images that they had collected and taken from with in the area of San Marcos Texas. Now San Marcos is a nice town, but the size and space, you have to become creative just to get a shot that no one else has done. So with that, I found a new construction road and walked into the field at sunset.

         I seen this rock and decided that it would be a great foreground subject as a positioned my camera towards a setting sun. Even though the sun had set, there was still some golds in the sky, but mostly for my landscape shot I wanted to see the overall composition that this place would provide. With the green of spring knocking at the door, I believe that this over all spot provided a great mix of colors. 

        The other point is to have a great understanding of your location before you shoot. So now, I have walked this location, I will have a better understanding for when the sky is rich with colors that a photography session like this will provide.

        You may see this image again from a landscape photography session in the near future.


Furry Friend Portrait Photography Session

    So I decided to add pet furry friends photography to my studio. To start building a client base and have a portfolio built, I could try and get some friends to allow me to photography their pets. However, I decided to take a new course of action. This course of action will not only get my name out to future customers, but most importantly help out with a great cause at the same time. I will now start photography for the City of San Marcos animal shelter.  The adoptable link is located here. ( San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter ) Every Tuesday, I will be spending the day with these great furry friends providing photography services that I hope assist with creating images that more than shows the true reflections of their personality. Each session will have some cool props and great treats to offer a more friendly environment.  However, I needed to do a little practice.


    What better way than to get my two old boys to sit with a a great professional photography session for pet style. Of course practice is what I needed and learned from. Learning pet photography, is more about learning what they need and their behaviors. 


     With both of my pest being old, I wanted to showcase their age with the whites in the faces, but most importantly the softness that they have. But to me in a professional photography session, a portrait session, regardless of pet or human, the image that it captures speaks louder when the setting, props and background all fits for the image. So keeping that in mind, with both dogs being dark coats with tones of brown, the backdrop I used was a rustic color. The lounge chair with wood trimming has a tan cushion area. So with so much brownish colors a little change with a throw pillow helps set them apart.


     With some treats in hand and getting into position, I would take images trying to get them to look with their heads in different areas, while evoking emotions that helps make the entire scene. Of course you have to always treat them for their works. After going through my images the two pet photography session images reflected their characters best. Look for more images to come soon.


Each week, I will recap the event and shoot that I have accomplished. Some photography session dates may change due to awaiting for clients or final edits to be completed.


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