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New Marketing while learning

May 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


It is amazing that as a photographer located in San Marcos Texas, the things you think you know, the things you believe, and what you learn as a profession.

A few weeks ago, I went to  conference in Dallas Texas, I took a class that covered marketing as a photographer and the worth that I am in my profession. I came to the understanding that I was not allowing myself to fully believe that I was a professional. I thought to myself that there were so many photographers out there. There are so many people with cameras just in there phone taking images and throwing a couple unthoughtful apps to the image and calling themselves a professional. Even thou they do take great images, I had to come to the understanding, I am much more than I gave my credit for. I am a professional fine art photographer. I needed to hold myself to that standard. 

The first thing that I needed to do was to look at all my items as far as advertising, marketing, presentation, and product that I was showcasing myself as a either being a person that capture images, or specialize in a actual profession. I seen that I was not holding my self to that level. I also truly believe that if you don't have some sort of direction and understanding of your worth, you are not holding yourself to a higher standard. Therefore, others will not see the value that you have to offer.

So my past advertising was a reach to gather what every business I could. It did not matter what is was. I said yes to the call and bent over backward offering everything at no cost. I did this for the past couple years. There was no real focus. There was certainly no direction is that path of a professional business. 

Dallas was a real eye opener. I finally seen my worth and how I can fine tune my profession to showcase my specialty of fine art portrait sessions. I am now ready to hold my self to a higher level, so that others will see value of what to expect from the industry. 


I am a fine art portrait photographer located in San Marcos Texas. I will capture true emotions and showcase it as a high class piece of art.


Each week I will showcase an image of the week. Make sure to follow to keep updated.


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