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Quest for CCP cert.

May 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

As a professional photographer, there are different levels that we can meet that will push us past the others. These levels are geared and developed by other photographers that test knowledge, control, and overall development of the craft of photography. One of these accomplishments is the ability to reach a certification with the Professional Photographers of America better know as PPA. The CCP testing starts with a test that covers one hundred questions the range from controlling light, posing a subject, to printing and color corrections. Once passing this test, the next step is to submit images the covers most of what is on this test with photos that have been taken by clients over the course of your business.


I have passed the test and am now onto the image selection process of being fully certified as a professional photographer. However, I am finding it to be a little harder than I thought it would be. My issue is not the overall ability of what I am suppose to do for the test, but removing my mind from the test and just shooting is my biggest issue.


I truly believe that as a professional photographer, I have a unique eye for my craft. I see things and find myself controlling my overall images to how I feel the image best speaks to me. The images are controlled by me from what I think the images should look, feel and overall color. Being that make me an artist. But, the overall control should be simple, and I am having a major issue with seeing what I am suppose to do so much that I am losing the overall ability to just plainly see the mission of the test.

From the image below, I like harder lights to be in my shots. Regardless if it is hard highlights or shadows, these images speak louder for over all emotions. To me my photography uses this lighting to help dictate how the viewer fills about an image. I want to control this image in that manor cause I know what the final image after editing is going to look like.



However, from a group that I am apart of that is there to critique images for this final test. I submitted the image for the selection of color harmony. The shot was geared towards this area of the test, but I was quickly pointed out that my highlights created hot spots which is not good for the test. Arrrggg, this has me reediting for the test and not for clients use of what I see for my final product. As you notice from the image below, the hot spots from the right side of the face is removed. Even the fingers hot spots and the left side of the face is opened up for shadows. This to me creates the image to be flatter in overall feel. Which is not my style.

Now for the final edit from my original captured, I create my mastered piece of art to my client. As you noticed in the final edit the highlights are still there for my style. As that is what my clients are paying for, but I know that it will not meet the need of the testing process.


The process does not dictate that my images are not at a high level or not, but has to remind myself to fall back to the basics. By stepping back, I am in hopes to create and open up different routes that will open up new ideas. But most importantly, I don’t need this to tell myself that I am a professional to my clients, but I do want this so that I can be among a level of excellence with in the photographer’s community.  


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