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Business Head shot Clients

June 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes as a professional photographer located in San Marcos Texas, I get to create images and settings that helps a head shot stand out. To me a head shot is a product. A product that showcase confidence, power, interaction. Regardless of how the image will be use, a professional head shot help start a relationship to build trust. 

Sometimes, my head shots are geared towards a style and other times my head shots are open for me to work some magic. However, once in a while I get a request where i need to follow a structured setting. A format that has been set by a company so that all images on their website, business cards or documents have the same feel. For me even on these shots, there is a since of my own creative grab. 

I know that for the most part, a head shot may seem easy, but to really capture the essence of a true advertisement product a professional photographer needs to incorporate what the vision of a company needs. In this instance, I was asked to gather images for a medical office for a couple of their staffs members. The requirements is that they had to look like the other images already captured. They also have to have an engaging attitude. 

So the first thing I had to do was study the other images that they had on the site after looking at the spot which was located outside their building. By looking over the image and understanding the lighting. I could tell the image was taken about mid afternoon since the position of the sun was softer but more direct. The area was under the awning of the building next to a door that shadowed the wall area in any other time of the day. 

Yes I could have brought lights and set up, however, being that of a busy medical office, timing needs to be quick. Not only that with it being a quick session, timing needs to be spent on the models and engagement and not messing with lighting and gear. Only having a couple minutes to build that relationship is key to getting images that do not look false in the face by just asking someone to smile. Getting a a little couple minutes to build a relaxing session is always better than just thinking about gear. You have to think of this as a product. The images needs to be engaging so engage to create the best professional head shot photography session.



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