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Graduation Presentation

June 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Had a pretty good week with clients. But have to talk about this session that involved a new graduate and her image.


I was contacted to do the sessions which would be held in Gruene Texas, just 20 minutes south of San Marcos. Being A professional photographer that travels and having captured at this location, I was excited. As always, I showed up 30 minutes before the session. This gives the ability to make changes as far as what gear I need, depending on the amount of people that may photo bomb the shots. Good news, there was not that many people out and the clients was ready to go.


We went through our shots in a good pace on a very hot day. However, I am not just one that waits for the set up for the image. I do gather images that are not planed, cause sometimes they you get a really relaxed peaceful image. Just like you will see below. After the session we set up our sales appointment which we showcased the top images. This is also when the client makes a choose on what images they will purchase.


However on this day, during the sales, I had it in my head that since this was a returning client, I was going to make either an upgrade or give one image as a gift. I decided a gift would be the best option, however it was not an image that they picked, nor did they know they were going to get it. 


After a couple weeks, I got the photography products in and made an appointment for the delivery of their images. They opened up the images that they had purchased and was very excited. However then I pulled the gift image from the side for them to unwrap. Instead of explaining what followed, it is best to show.


I love seeing the faces. I it was great that the plans of where it was going to hang was priceless. 

As a professional photographer, I believe it is best to not only act professional, but sometimes provide a a thank you back to your clients. Your clients are the ones that keep your doors open. Yes, you have the product or service that get them to call, book, or purchase what you have to offer. However, the business never stops there. I want to build relationships and trust. I want to reach new levels as far as what customers should expect from a profession like photography. Not one that just click a shutter button and pass on images with little communication. But a photographer that is located in San Marcos Texas that is known for excellent imagery with better relations.

To me I am never working for the client at the moment, I am working for the client for years to come.




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