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A Maternity session is a family portrait session

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On this session we had to get a rush booking done. The client was looking to have a family session done before her due date of an upcoming baby.

The client’s family was telling her that she should have a maternity photography session done, however she was not feeling the need for such a portrait session. As we discuss her options, I told her that instead of a maternity session we should just conduct a family portrait session. We would also include a couple images of just each family member that would or could act as a maternity shoot. The client like that idea better. However, with the only a couple weeks from her due date, I had to rush the session for her and also open up for a Sunday. As it being a late June session it was going to be hot.

Many times, people think that a photography session is to be held during regular hours, but they forget the option for a portrait session can be done anytime during a 24-hour period as long as both the client and the photographer can come up with this arrangement. For me opening up the time period is a blessing. Not only does it allow for controlled lighting arrangement, but also allows me and the client to not burn from the heat of the sun. We can start the session at sunrise and be completely done by 8 am before the heat really starts taking a toll.  So, the date was set and the only thing left that needed to be done was work out the clothing, theme if any, and location.

The location was easy. The client had property that they got married at and they wanted to have their family portrait done there also. So, before the session date just like any true professional photographer, I went to the location and found the property to be perfect for a session. With old building and farm equipment and a great field that faced the way the sun would rise showed promise for opportunity to gather images for memories to last.

I contacted the client and told her that the property was great, I also gave her a clothing option that best fit the overall colors of the surroundings. See as a professional photographer, our job is also to assist the clients in choosing a color theme and style that make the image really pop. Having the right combination and educating for all session not only shows your professionalism but will make the photographers image come out looking better than others while giving the clients a truly beautiful portrait product.

 We met up on our day earlier at 6:30 am. With a quick set up of my lighting, I escorted my client to the first location. I instructed how the portrait session was going to go. I taught them the stance and poses that we were going to collect with each area. Instructing the clients at the first location helps map out the entire photography session. This make each image collection quicker by going from location spot to location spot and only having to make slight changes.

Maternity Portrait SessionMaternity Portrait SessionMaternity Portrait Session

After a few locations, the clients changed clothing and we move through a few more locations. The instruction that I was able to teach the clients as far and stances and poses allowed me as the photographer to gather images quicker giving the clients more choices when picking their final portraits to display and share with others. With this also being a maternity session, it will mark a great moment for memories. And hoping that as a professional photographer laying down a great product and service, I hope that in the future I can provide additional portrait sessions for other needs that may have.

Family Portrait SessionFamily Portrait Session

As a professional photographer, I do not look at providing a service one time. I look at building a long-term relationship for the future. Yes, this started out as a maternity portrait session, but I know that in the future they will need new images for the additional family member, graduation in a few years after that. Their family members needed services as well. With the start of a relationship I strive at keeping this going and hoping that one session turns to others for years to come.

Family Portrait SessionFamily Portrait Session


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