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Donation makes me feel great!

July 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


I was asked to make a silent auction donation for my wife's group. So i decided to grab a landscape image of mine and take it down to the local framer. With just a week left, the image was ready, picked up and was displayed for the silent auction to begin. When I arrived at the location, the spot was picked out for my location at which time my picture was placed for displayed and the silent auction slip was placed in front for those to start.

Just as the paper was placed in front of my piece I heard someone walking towards my print, " I got to have that!"


Fine art portrait landscape studio in San Marcos TexasFine art portrait landscape studio in San Marcos TexasCapturing art is not always easy, but am happy when some one loves my image.

At the end of the auction and several bids, this happy customer has a new piece to display for the wall.

There is nothing like having a great feeling as a professional photographer in creating a piece that someone wanted to fight for. Even seeing the image bids go up validates my self as a photographer and the need that I find to keep me pushing my self and creating images that will bring smiles to others. Most of the time I do get those smiles, excitements and thrills from customers when we do private portrait session. But those customers are geared towards a photography session that is fitted for a single need. Like a graduation portrait session show casing an milestone or a corporate head shot that brands a business. This image above was a image for me that I wanted to shoot for my self and others seem to want it and place it on the wall.

Even shooting images for customers, having a customer purchase or bid on an image is always rewarding. I am now ready to get out and look for the next image. 

The image above can be purchased from my store in a number of sizes.



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