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Professional Wedding day coverage

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Unlike other photography services, wedding photography is at a level that far out reaches the that of traditional images capture. A wedding photographer has to have a unique ability to act under pressure without the option of taking the opportunity of having a second chance.


A portrait photographer, has time to move the subject to a particular location. Move lights and set up modifiers and work the angles to capture the shot. Time is on the side of the portrait photographers to move a hand, change the look and to reposition over and over while making sure to capture the exact angle and perspective of the shot. This holds true to real estate and architectural photographer, Landscape photographers, and even commercial product photography. The timing that goes on and the set up can be planned from a stand point to get the best results.

However, a wedding photographer needs to be quick, understand lighting, space and most importantly be aware that the perfect image is not always skilled, but luck needs to be on side of a hard-working professional.

I have seen photographers standing in one place or moving about slowly waiting for the image to come to them and get great images. Why they capture the images that they feel for comfortable with to ensure success. I have seen other professional, run about and continue to click the shutter button of their camera in hope to provide their clients at least a number of images to work with. Which way is right and which way is wrong? Neither and both! The goal is to capture the days event. However, capturing is only one part of the effects of what the professional photographer should strive for. The other is to show case the emotion and feelings that are conveyed through out the day. The tears of both love and laughter should be seen as an interest of what is truly going on.


Wedding PhotographerWedding PhotographerTop rated wedding photographer

This is where I combine my effect and style of a wedding coverage. I understand that a wedding is both exciting and stressful. But most importantly the confidence of understanding that there is not one image that can sum up the day. There is not one style to create a perfect capture of the festive event, but an understanding that professional needs to adapt to what is going on for the day. I both understand that I have to move and wait to get the shot that I am looking for.

As a professional photographer, I am on the constant move to get into the right position then wait for that special moment. My eyes are always moving faster than my feet and my mind is searching for the image to capture. This hold true to both set up bride and groom images to the romantic kiss of confirming the vowels.

Images gathering is only one part of the days event. I believe another aspect of a professional photographer is to be apart of the wedding itself.  Building a relationship that bonds the day is also a major aspect that I want to create. I am not one that is invited to the wedding, I have to be one that is apart of making the day a special memory. I need to become in the eyes of the bride, groom, and even in laws as one of the family members. I am cherishing at the same times the full emotions of the day. At the same time, I am walking, laughing and hanging out in the areas that are off limits to others.

Wedding day professional photographyA professional wedding photographer


As a professional wedding photographer, I start out with building this relationship from the moment the call connects. I then continue this relationship with detailed voice communication. Emails are not personal enough for me. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for emails like when a list is created or time line. But communicating with voice allows the photographer to build trust in confidence with your voice. It allows you as the photographer to hear the excitement or concerning question that the bride or groom may have. This insight always connects you better while building a better foundation to having a great day and to ensure an overall success of the wedding event.

Wedding day professional photographyWedding day professional photography

So for me here is my list of things that for me I must do to provide the best wedding day that can be captured.

  1. Communicate on the phone and in person about the needs of the bride and groom.
  2. Face to face sit down to go over the plan of the wedding day.
  3. Walk through of the wedding day with Bride, Groom and in-laws. This gives a great time to start building a relationship with the Brides and Groom mothers.
  4. Make sure you communicate with any coordinators. They keep you up to date with changes as well helps you get the time needed for the images that you want, but most importantly the brides.
  5. Communicate a detailed list of images that you will try to capture.
  6. My biggest rule. The Kiss. I always instruct the bride and groom when giving their kiss, make sure to give a 3-5 second kiss, then give each other a smile and another 3-5 second kiss. This ensures that I am in the right place to get the kiss without missing but allows me to get multiple angles of this most special moment.
  7. The rest in confidence. Always giving reassurance that the day is going to go well, the images are going to come out and that everything is happening as you want.

Wedding day professional photographyWedding day professional photographyWedding day professional photography Professional Wedding photographyProfessional Wedding photographyProfessional designed wedding photographer

Being a professional photographer is not just the ability to capture great images, but give your clients a professional product while receiving a professional experience. Yes there is so much that I can add to the list above and if you are ready this you may think of others, but the true understanding is a wedding photographer is most importantly different then any other photographer.


Wedding day professional photographyWedding day professional photographyWedding day professional photography

One last thing, have fun. If you are not having fun and you are stressing, not only will the lost of confidence be coming out, but the images will show case your stress. You will always get better images if you allow yourself to enjoy the day. You will be excited to move about and get the images that means more during the wedding than if you were just to stand there stressing about what may or may not be coming out. 


Wedding day professional photographyWedding day professional photographyWedding day professional photography


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