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The Art of Austin Texas

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As a professional portrait photographer located in San Marcos Texas, when I am not doing commercial headshots, wedding photography session, or family portrait session, I love to just look for things that interest me and create art. The image below was captured when I was walking around the city of Austin. I love to find buildings, structures and landscape that create interest. However, I just don't like to place my camera and click the shutter button. Rather, I like to push the elements and see if I can push my photography to a level that is not easy. With this image, it was not captured in in one shot. The image was not even captured in two, three or even five shots. In reality this image was a mix of 40 different well placed collection of shots. Panoramic shooting can be easy with most programs. But to layer the shots 8 across then move down the angle to gather another 8 shots and so on until I gathered enough to make one large image. 

Each shot was was taken with a telephoto lens, however when the final image was created, seemed to look as if a wide angle lens was used. 

Top San Marcos Photography Studio- LandscapeTop San Marcos Photography Studio- Landscape

I also wanted to make sure that there was texture to the image. So once the final image was created, I made copies of the image and made sure that there was different layers of contrast and shadowing to highlight the overall building. I then had to remove the sky as the day of the shoot, it was dull and grey. With my collection of skys that I have shot in Texas, I replaced to create an overall feeling the really impacted the overall shot. The last thing that I did was I needed to remove eyesores within the shot. People walking around, cars parked next to the building was all cloned out.


I was never proud of the final piece of the Capitol of Texas. Capitol building is a place that shows strength and power, so I wanted to create an image that would create some impact when you looked at to. 


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