Greg Mitchum Photography | Where is the photography studio in San Marcos Texas.

Where is the photography studio in San Marcos Texas.

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Greg Mitchum Photography is a professional studio located in San Marcos Texas. Beside taking great fine art pieces, you will receive great service with a fun and exciting environment. 

Photography Studio in San Marcos Texas providing professional photography services.

However, when it come to a professional photography studio, what should one expect to find that to me may be found in a studio? 



A portrait session can be held any where. It can be at the location of your clients personal property, a church where a wedding is being held, or even in a field at the local park. A studio by definition is a working place for and artist, photographer, etc. So by definition a studio is any place me as the professional photographer is working to gather these fine art images for clients, both for personal and commercial needs. Yes, for me I have a private place to conduct a more intimate setting where I can control the lighting, elements of the weather, or even control the very movements of a confine area and changes to the setting and backdrops needed. 

However, the studio can also be limited in what it provides. Photography studios are usually limited to a number of backdrops and props based on the style of sessions they provide. Professional corporate or business photography session will have a couple of back drops and maybe some seating option. Newborn photography, which I do not handle, will have different outfits and props to create harmony with each shot. A family portrait studio much like a corporate and business  session has a variety of backdrops to capture images. 



The big thing when looking for a professional photographer, make sure they are meeting the needs and style you are hoping to capture. But make sure that they are not confined to one style and state they can do another. You will find that you wont be as happy with your overall product and care. At the same time, don't keep the focus on just thinking that a studio being that of a building is the only option for a session. A professional photographer should be able to move around from location to location to gather the images that you need. Remember, a studio is a place a photographer uses to create portraits for their clients. This can and most of the time be in a field awaiting a sunset, or at a place of business that the client owns and operates. 


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