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Greg Mitchum Photography, is a photographer that is at the top of the industry, I provide services that go beyond the simple understanding of clicking a shutter button. From commercial images to family portrait sessions, I take pride with providing a level of excellence that far exceeds the competition in the photographic world. 

Please look over the following and should you need additional information, contact Greg Mitchum

What are the steps to getting a portrait session?

1. Set up a consultation or book a session.  Click Here

  • A consultation should be made for all sessions that are not portrait head shot or graduation photography sessions.

2.  Deposit is made for the session that you are seeking.

  • Graduation and portrait head shots are listed on the booking which are non- refundable
  • All other deposits will be taken prior, usually during the consultation, which will be the session fee. This is to hold your portrait reservation.

3. Communicate on the session both by phone, email, in person and as a walk through if needed will ensure the best experience, fun environment, and overall greatest success of the session.

4. Session is conducted as discussed in the consultation as well as any other points of communication.

5. A product appointment will be made a the end of the photography session or as indicated.

6. During the product appointment, options will be decided as to prints (style, paper, sizes, packages)

  • 50% deposit will be made for order at this time 
  • Online photography orders are also an option

7. Orders placed- allow 4-12 weeks depending on level of hand crafted work needed to create your portrait images. 

8. Delivery in most situation are made in person for the reveal. 

Who will shoot my session?

Greg Mitchum will always be the photographer for your session. In the event that an emergency happen, the use of additional photographers or an assistance, but will operate under my vision. A reschedule of the session maybe made unless impossible, then another photographer will stand in.

Can I cancel or reschedule my session?

Once a deposit or session fee has been made and the date has been filled, you can reschedule your session one time. However, there are no refunds.

Are my images edited or retouched?

At first view of your images, they have been corrected for color balance, white balance  and slight cropping. Once you have selected your photography images, each image is then edited for blemishes, skin corrections, removal of scares and marks if required. Images are also edited for eyesores that distract. Modeling and entertainment images will also be corrected to fix the need of your market. Should you need your images sooner, there is a rush delivery fee that can be added to the final cost. (Make sure you know the photography image requirements standards)

Modeling and advertising images are done differently than professional business or portrait head shots. These images are done to be completely flawless in most situation. Image editing for these types of shots are an additional fee. 

Your professional image should be closely related to your features, should you want additional editing let Greg Mitchum know during the shoot. 

Note: Removal of blemishes, scars, marks, moles, ect will be done by Greg Mitchum. He will look and remove those that he believe pulls from the overall look of the image. If there is a mark, mole, scare etc that you want kept in the image, let Greg know before editing begins. Additional fee maybe require to reedit the marks back in

Portrait images are edited for cropping and color tones. Once images are chosen, a more detailed edited is completed for each order. These edits include hair clean up, marks, eye sores, textures, etc. 

How do I see my photography images?

Images are placed in a private viewing room for review. Images can then be added to a favorite at which time a final edit will be made.


How many images will I receive from my session? 

1000 images. No realistic there is no number of images a photographer should state. If a photographer says they will give you 20,30, 40 images, this dictates that they had quit Once they reached that number. Greg Mitchum Photography continues to shoot, and will provide you will all images that pass Greg's inspections. This inspection includes removing all unclear images, candid and shots that don't meet the needs of the session. However, multiple images can be created by from one to show different perspectives.

How do I put images in my favorites or download?

Once located in your private viewing room, locate the tabs in the top right corner.

  1. Click select images
  2. Click on the images to place in favorites or download
    1. If you click on download a new box will pop up. Click on file name to begin download
      • If file is to large, an email will be sent when files are ready to your email address provided
Photography private viewing room optionsPhotography private viewing room options Photography private viewing room optionsPhotography private viewing room options
Photography private viewing room optionsPhotography private viewing room options


When will i get my images?

4-12 weeks, depending on the amount of handcrafted work that goes into make your images.

Who owns the right to the images?

All images created by Greg Mitchum Photography are copyrighted and are exclusive property of Greg Mitchum Photography. It is illegal to copy or reproduce our images without consent. As owner of the copyright, Greg Mitchum reserves the right to display any image taken for promotions and advertising.

Rights are given for personal use with all purchases. Additional releases maybe needed for commercial products. If the session is for a commercial product it is up to the client to receive release prior to use. Additional fee maybe added depending on release.

Deposit or sitting fee?

When making an appointment, there is a need to make a deposit to hold your time spot. Since great care is needed to provide your photography session the deposit is non-refundable. However, emergencies do occur. You may contact within 24 hours of your scheduled photography session and arrangements will be made to reschedule. You may reschedule one time only. 

Do you travel or destination shoots?

I will travel to your location to conduct your photography needs. Additional cost based on the location will be added. Contact Greg Mitchum for more information.

When should I book?

There is no special time to book a professional photography shoot. Once you know, it is best to get your deposit in and scheduled to lock in your date. Greg Mitchum Photography's schedule is always done on a first come first serve basis.

How many looks do I get during my Photography Session?

You get as many poses and wardrobe changes as you need for your session. However, keep mind that changing takes time and so does the re-position of  photography equipment if needed. Make sure you communicate with Greg Mitchum so that a plan can be discussed to benefit your schedule portrait session.

What do I wear for my session?

This is one question I get a lot. When it come down to it, it depends on location, mood, setting, group, colors of surroundings ect. Greg Mitchum will communicate before each photography session to assist in assuring the best possible outfits. This may include sending images for review. 

Is there a need for  hair and makeup?

Hair and makeup is not included in the session fee.  (HMUA)

Most of the time men can get by without using professional hair and makeup, but we recommend a powder or foundation to help even out skin tones and to keep the face from looking shiny. You can pick up a powder in your color at any department store, we recommend the MAC counter or a beauty supply store where you can get professional help picking the right color.

For women we always recommend professional makeup. A professional makeup artist knows how to make you look your best for the camera because they understand lighting and shadows for your requirements.

You can bring your own HMUA to the shoot, or we can provide you with a list of HMUA that we work with and trust.

The photography studio is open for you to have your hair and makeup done before your session, just make sure to let us know when your appointment is scheduled.

Do you have insurance?

Greg Mitchum Photography is fully insured. Most venue and locations require the photographer to carry coverage.  Not only am I insured, but I am established and affiliated through the PPA (Professional Photographers of America), TPPA (Texas Professional Photographers Association), and Austin PPA

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Do you do Event Photography Sessions?


Do you do Family Portrait Photography Sessions?


Do you do Graduation Portrait Photography Sessions?


Do you do Engagement/Bridal Portrait Photography Sessions?


Do you do Fashion/Model Portrait Photography Sessions?


Do you do Real-estate/Architectural Photography Sessions?

Yes- Contact for details

Do you do Product Photography Sessions?

Yes- Contact for details

Do you do Pet Photography Sessions?

Yes- pet photography is treated just like a portrait session. However, times are based on your furry friend. Unlike other portrait sessions, pet photography is at the full control of your love ones. Greg Mitchum will spend ample time to gather, create, and collect enough great images so that you as the parent will have a great selection to choose from!

  • If for some reason due to weather, temperament, or lack of image collection Greg Mitchum photography will make a second session at no cost to you.

Printing service?

Any images that will be printed will be printed by Greg Mitchum Photography. Greg Mitchum has partnered up with several color labs to ensure properly color tones, white balance, and pureness of the image. If you decide to print from any other source, your image may not be calibrated for best results. Therefore, Greg Mitchum Photography is not responsible for these print qualities. 



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